“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”
- Stephen Covey -

My journey reflects the importance of finding and fostering balance while devoting yourself to what you love.

I started my career by studying "work" in its various forms through a bachelor's degree in psychology and vocational guidance, as well as a master's degree in labour sciences.
My experiences in Human Resources (hard and soft HR) have enabled me to realize the requirements and investments that exist in most companies. But when you lose meaning and the over-investment lasts, what do you have left? The risk of having a burnout is definitely present, and I have experienced it.

Awareness, questioning, intense search for meaning, my reflections have led me to take a step back through travels, discussions, encounters with Humans, and above all, to benefit from various accompaniments in order to refocus and flourish again.

I naturally decided to go back to what has always motivated me: being able to help and accompany people. In order to specialize in career coaching, I chose to follow an ICF® certified training course to acquire the 11 skills of the coach, within the Leading and Coaching Academy. Since then, each new client has been a confirmation that I have found my way! And the best part is it gives me the opportunity to help you find yours, or at least to guide you on the path to well-being at work.