“To progress, it is not enough to want to act, you must first know which way to act”
- Gustave Le Bon -

Coaching is a process that allows you to move from a current situation that you want to change to a situation that you want to reach.

It's about putting yourself into action in order to effectively achieve a set goal. In this sense, coaching can be confronting, because it saves time, by unlocking parasitic thoughts and beliefs, while becoming aware of the behaviours that uplift you and those that prevent you from achieving your full potential.
The coach accompanies you as much in the determination and precision as in the achievement of your professional objectives in order to allow you to feel better.

There are not good or bad subjects for a coaching. But here are some examples of topics (non-exhaustive list) discussed in career coaching :

Have a better life- work balance

Manage your stress in the workplace

Reorient your career

Manage your time efficiently

Have confidence in yourself and in your abilities


Ethics and confidentiality

It takes an average of 5 to 10 sessions to reach a goal. A session lasts one hour.
Like psychologists and psychotherapists, coaches are subject to strict ethical standards. These are listed on the  ICF ® website.

Have you heard of coaching ?

The coach’s role

Sample topics